Traditional Learning vs. eLearning

Traditional Learning


Classroom Discussions

The teacher usually talks
more than the student

The student talks at least as much as or more than the teacher

Learning Process

The learning is conducted
with the whole class
participating; there is almost no group or individual study

Most of the learning process
takes place in groups or by the individual student.

Subject Matter

The teacher conducts the
lesson according to the study program and the existing curriculum

The student participates in
determining the subject
matter; the studying is based on various sources of information, including web data banks and net-experts located by the student.

Emphases in the Learning

The students learn “what”
and not “how”; the students and the teachers are busy completing the required subject matter quota; the students are not involved in inquiry-based education and in solving problems, but rather in tasks set by the

The students learn “how”
and less “what”; the learning includes research study which combines searching for and collecting information from web data banks and authorities on the communications network; the learning is better connected to the real world, the subject
matter is richer and includes material in different formats.


The students’ motivation is low, and the subject matter is “distant” from them.

The students’ motivation is
high due to the involvement
in matters that are closer to
them and to the use of

Teacher’s Role

The teacher is the authority
The teacher directs the
student to the information.

Location of Learning & Lesson Structure                    

The learning takes place
within the classroom and the school. The teacher dictates the structure of the lesson and the division of time

The learning takes place with no fixed location.
The structure of the lesson is affected by the group

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